“What You Wouldn’t Do,” in Fractured Lit

“A Brief Natural History of the Girls in the Office,” in Milk Candy Review

“A Way,” in Fictive Dream

“December,” Second Prize, Bath Flash Fiction Award, October 2022

“The Restaurant at the End of the World,” in Cleaver

“Rise” in Trampset

“Thirty Years After Graduation, I Spy You in Aisle Five” in Fractured Lit

“Girl Talk” in Fictive Dream

“Other Tongues” in The Journal

“A Brief Natural History of the Automobile” in SmokeLong Quarterly

“Skinny Dip” in New World Writing

“All We Wanted” in Milk Candy Review

“And the Guy Who Killed My Brother Had a Gun” in Splonk

“Your Life As a Bottle” in Pithead Chapel

“In Real Life” in Trampset

“Lipstick” in 100 Word Story

“That Girl” in X-Ray Lit

“Oh, the Water” in Empty House Press

“Swimming Lessons” in Twin Pies Literary

“Sisterhood” in HaveHasHad

“November” in FlashBack Fiction

“Good Girls” in Emerge Literary Journal

“Away” in Wigleaf

“Mad” in Fractured Lit

“Epidemic” in Fractured Lit

“Ever After” in (mac)ro(mic)

Babies, Because” in Spelk

What We Remember,” in Milk Candy Review

“Instructions for Cleaning a Mirror,” in 100 Word Story

“Authentic,” in The Forge

Ghost Grapes,” Splonk

The Absence of Gravity,” Wordrunner eChapbooks, Upheavals.

Herstory,” New Flash Fiction Review

“We Dive,” Cease, Cows

Twenty-First Century Life,” Okay Donkey

“Any Body”: Cincinnati Review miCRo series 

“A Kind of Magic”: Vestal Review

“Best Served Cold”: Pithead Chapel

“The Last Christmas”: Jellyfish Review

“Flying Purple People Eater: 1958”: Atticus Review

The Thing With Feathers”: SmokeLong Quarterly 

Why I Despise Christmas Trees”: 100 Word Story

Next of Kin”: Mud Season Review

“Card Show”: Sequestrum 

Girl Talk”: Calyx 


Ann Arbor: 1974,” “In Another Life,” and “A Letter to My Mother in the Afterlife,” Diode Poetry Journal

Hope”: SWWIM

So I Call My Mother on Sunday”: BOAAT

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